Secured browsing

MedOne offers Browsing-as-a-Service. This solution provides the organization with virtual browsing capabilities on MedOne’s cloud services and is part of a variety of computing solutions for businesses offered by MedOne.

The unique computing solution includes intelligence for diagnosing and routing the relevant browsing in automatic and user-transparent fashion to the virtual environment, with a granular rule engine personalized to the company’s policy, an identity management system and providing performance on a dedicated protocol; all fully personalized and with content blackout and transferred content whiteout capabilities.

The system has complete command capabilities over monitoring and managing the browsing, including URL filtering, UP repetition, management of all the rights and control of all the browsing solution. Browsing is provided by virtual IE or Chrome browsers on MedOne’s cloud infrastructures. The system is priced according to actual browsing hours.

Which organizations is this service intended for?

The product is a unique product which uses technologies by the leading manufacturer and has a consolidated management console and a uniform system developed for this purpose. MedOne’s cloud’s is in two optimally secured and protected underground facilities and is the only one in Israel compliant with the world’s strictest information security standards.

The system’s strategic location offers browsing at an especially high speed and provides a practical solution even in the exceptional situation of a collapse of external national infrastructures. For organizations which have a large database and sensitive technological information, a Browsing-as-a-Service solution is considered a must nowadays, and it is highly recommended to receive it at the highest, most reliable and efficient level.

Secured Browsing’s unique capabilities:

Browsing rule engine
Interfacing of the browsing engines on API
User transparency
A cloud with information security standards
Content checking capabilities
Self-use portal
Pay as you go!
Point2Point connection
Browsing speed
URL Filtering
File whiteout service.