AI is here to stay. To properly support it, advanced configuration computing systems are essential. 

Most Machine Learning and Deep Learning applications require cutting edge GPU components. As a part of the hybrid Data Center model, MedOne had introduced the Nvidia A100-80GB GPU processors to the HPC public cloud. This state of the art allows MedOne clients enormous mathematical processing on demand, operating from the MedOne communication hubs in Israel. 

Our CSP partnership with Nvidia, allows the cloud customer to use all Nvidia Enterprise software and tools as a complete package without additional costs, while consuming our GPUs in the cloud.

The HPC public cloud supports various cutting-edge technologies: AI applications, Real-time 3D simulators, medical imaging results, Physics, biology, and chemistry research simulations FinTech applications, Autonomous vehicle algorithms, Cryptocurrency mining, Quantum- Computer simulators, and more.

GPU public cloud services