CDR - Cloud based Content Disarm & Reconstruction

In a reality where technology and attack methods are constantly evolving and renewing – antivirus software have become practically ineffective, exposing quite a few organizations to the elusive techniques used by perpetrators. Therefore, security managers of standard commercial networks have also become aware of the need for the Content Disarm & Reconstruction technology.

The security-related use of this technology is in fact very effective in the prevention of threats but is not suitable for the needs of commercial organizations, where a different application is required.

Commercial Content Disarm & Reconstruction systems require advanced threat neutralizing and file rewriting technologies while providing an uncompromising level of security, as well as fully preserving visibility and operability while using these files.

CDR systems have become a basic and customary protection layer in every organization in Israel, and from there expanded to the world at large. Gartner analysts have recently even recommended the use of CDR systems as an essential protective component in all organizations, and gave it its’ current name – Content Disarm and Reconstruction, or CDR.

A Unique Technological System in collaboration with Sasa Software Company
Gate Scanner CDR A Cyber Protection Array
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