CDN: Comprehensive Multi-CDN Solution for Enhanced Video Streaming

MedOne CDN is more than just a CDN; it's a comprehensive solution for processing, managing, protecting, distributing, and presenting your content. Our extensive product portfolio covers the entire video delivery spectrum, including Video Processing, Video Origination, Video Management, DRM, Ad Insertion, and CDN services.

Advanced Multi-CDN Platform 

Our state-of-the-art multi-CDN platform merges top technologies into a resilient, robust, and fully managed solution. It ensures seamless streaming with unlimited capacity through two separate and independent CDN implementations, managed by our sophisticated CDN selector. This guarantees efficient streaming optimized for both local (Israel) and international quality of service, with globally distributed Edge servers.

MedOne CDN revolutionizes video streaming with improved loading times, high-quality streaming experiences, and a global reach, setting a new standard in content delivery.

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