Traiana, leading developer of a financial business-transactions processing platform, migrated its R&D environment to Medone to achieve better SLA and higher levels of availability, while it grows its operations in Israel.

About Traiana

Traiana, an ICAP Group company, provides global banks, broker/dealers, buy-side firms and trading platforms with services to monitor pre-trade risk and automate post-trade processing of financial transactions in listed and over-the-counter trading markets. Traiana’s solutions and the Harmony Network have become the market standard for post-trade processing of foreign exchange, exchange traded derivatives, fixed income, CDS and synthetic and cash equity transactions.  As the trading of financial instruments has increased, so has the associated need to for the financial industry to have automated systems in place that can reduce risk and costs. Traiana’s Harmony network is designed to meet this need and is used by many of world’s largest institutional investors, processing millions of transactions per day to the tune of billions of dollars.

Established in Israel in 2000, Traiana’s cross asset pre and post-trade processing systems serves financial institutions around the world.

Business Challenge

“Traiana  is a subsidiary of ICAP, the largest interdealer broker in the world,” says Shay Arnon, Traiana’s VP Hosting and IT. “We are required to maintain the highest standards of availability in compliance with all regulatory requirements to ensure we meet the needs of our clients and the financial services industry”.

“Our R&D relies on hundreds of servers and databases and dozens of storage arrays. There are also many servers that serve the company’s headquarters, including enterprise systems, file systems, portals, and more. The company´s accelerated development and the increase in its scope of operations, along with the necessary compliance with international and regulatory standards, has created many challenges for our internal data center. This high level of demand means we needed to invest considerable resources improving our electrical and air conditioning infrastructures.”

With the expansion of the company’s operations in Israel, Traiana therefore decided to move their hosting to a leading company that specializes in collocation services and which could guarantee the best service level agreement (SLA) for Traiana.

“As early as my first visit to Med-1, I was impressed with its expertise,” says Arnon. “As a multinational company with critical systems that must not fail, we know a thing or two about availability and robustness, and we are familiar with many of the leading data centers in the world. As our R&D center is in Israel, we chose Med-1 as it offers us the highest quality SLAs for our business.

“The significant growth of our services means that the quality of the IT systems we provide to our clients’ operations are constantly our highest priority and we wanted to minimize any risk to this.  Traiana therefore needs top-of-the-line hosting services providers that meet our required uptimes and SLAs, regardless of cost.”

The Solution

“We selected Med-1 as they provide the highest level of hosting in a dedicated cage infrastructure. The levels of survivability and security they offer compare to leading facilities around the world, and they also have the ability to quickly increase electricity supply and cage size”, says Arnon. “From the first visit we understood that hosting is deep within Med-1’s DNA. As a customer, the fact that they focus on hosting has many advantages, they are professionals and have the experience, which enables us to solve any problem within minutes. I can say whole-heartedly that Med-1’s people are the best in the field.”

Additional Considerations

  • Med-1 facility meets the highest system and security standards
  • The facilities are protected by a massive, double layer of reinforced concrete
  • Advanced security systems along with professional guards secure the premises 24/7
  • Security personnel is carefully screened and selected
  • SLA level that ensures 99.99% uptime
  • The highest levels of compartmentalization
  • Monitoring of all doors and entrances by a system that features proximity cards, biometric readers and filtering cells that provide maximum compartmentalization between the various sectors of the facility

The hosting site established for Traiana is in a dedicated cage with hundreds servers, storage systems and communication equipment fully owned by Traiana, and with 24/7 full access to their personnel. Med-1 facilities provide Traiana with full business continuity while meeting with stringent SLA objectives in compliance with international standards.


The migration of Traiana’s R&D environment to Med-1 has been smooth and was completed in a very short time.

“One of the things that we learned from this operation is that it is a relatively simple and inexpensive process,” says Arnon. “With the help of Med-1, we prepared the communications infrastructure and as soon as it was ready we made the transfer overnight, so it took only a few hours. The next morning all our servers were up and running. As far as our users were concerned, the transition was completely transparent.”

“As far as I’m concerned, it’s a completely different type of service to anything we have had before, so I have peace of mind,” adds Arnon. Today, I know that my data center is operating in a facilitythat is among the top hosting sites in the world, with the highest levels of uptime. Beyond that, every operation we make – from introducing a new technology to maintaining an existing one – has the full cooperation and support of Med-1 teams, which provides a superb level of service. At any given time we can see the amount of resources Med-1 invest to ensure their customers like Traiana, with mission critical applications, receive the highest level of service. This peace of mind cannot be replaced.”

Arnon sums up: “The migration of our data center to Med-1 has completely proven itself. We gained business continuity while reducing risks and ensuring maximum uptime..”


Solution in Brief

The Customer

Traiana provides processing and clearing services to financial institutions, including banks, brokerage firms, hedge funds, institutional investors and more. Traiana’s Harmony is today’s the world standard in foreign currency transactions and is being used by 50 of the largest international banks. Harmony processes millions of transactions per day to the tune of billions of dollars.

Business Challenge

With the increase of its activities in Israel, Traiana concluded that its existing hosting provider was unable to ensure the level of uptime and SLA that they needed and decided to migrate their R&D environment to the top-of-the-line collocation provider.


Migration of the R&D environment to Med-1, as it provides the optimum in hosting infrastructures in a tailored dedicated cage, with the highest sustainability and security levels compared with leading international companies. Med-1 also supports rapid increases in electricity supply and cage size.


The transition was completed smoothly and in a very short time, thanks to the highest standards of professionalism of Med-1’s personnel. Now Traiana is confident that their data center is always in operation, safe and available.


  • Quick, smooth and hassle-free transfer of the data center
  • Maximum flexibility and highest levels of survivability
  • Potential savingsof millions of dollars thanks to continuous uptime