MedOne was founded in 1997, and became a pioneer in international communication infrastructure systems in Israel. The company initiated and executed the installation of the Lev submarine cable system, one of the five first private submarine telecommunication cables in the world. The cable was first made available for commercial use in 1999, enabling broad bandwidth and high-quality connectivity between Israel and the rest of the world.


The success of the Lev project paved the way for the future, and brought the world of broad band to Israel. During that period, a broader group was formed: the Med Group, which included, among others, Med Nautilus, jointly owned by Telecom Italia, one of the largest telecommunication companies in the world.

The Group completed another pioneering project with the installation of an intra-national optical network through its subsidiary, Med Net. The purpose of the system was to build a vertical and horizontal optical transmission line providing a solution for the needs of the communication providers and business companies requiring large, stable bandwidth.

The network’s first stage included the submarine system IC-1 (Israel Coastline One) – two optical rings connecting Israel’s coastal cities, from Nahariya in the north, through Haifa, Netanya, Herzliya, Tel Aviv and Rishon Letzion, to Ashkelon in the south. The IC-1 system became operational in September 2000.

The network’s second stage included the ground system – an optical network running the entire length and breadth of Israel, connecting its central cities, industrial areas and technological parks.



In the wake of the success of the Lev cable project and the ever-growing demand for bandwidth, the group initiated an ambitious, first-of-its-kind project – the Med Nautilus submarine cable, a state-of-the art submarine fiber optic ring-configured network, integrated with a land-based fiber optic network. The system connects Israel with several European countries, and features an extraordinary level of network resiliency and tremendous potential bandwidth (3.84 Tbps).

Concurrently,MedOne completed the installation of underground data centers in Tirat Carmel and Petah Tikva for the purpose of hosting the group’s endpoint equipment and network infrastructure, and to provide hosting and business continuity solutions for additional clients.



In a transaction among the Company’s shareholders, the Company’s international operations were separated from its other operations; MedOne IC-1 continued operating and marketing the intra-national network and data centers, while the ownership and operation of the international telecommunications transmission system was transferred to Med Nautilus Israel, a fully-owned subsidiary of Telecom Italia.



Following changes in the domestic communications market, MedOne decided to focus and intensify its operations and expertise in the field of hosting and DR services using its ICT facilities, and sold the intra-national network and communication operations of MedOne IC-1 to Partner Ltd.



MedOne operates three underground data centers which provide storage, hosting and business continuity services with maximum resiliency and the highest standard of security. MedOne is continually developing additional services for its clients, and improving its existing setup and adapting it to the technological requirements and the technological changes which constantly take place.


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